news / Sau Poler’s Visions Fugitives at Bloop.

Catch Visions Fugitives at Bloop the 4th Thursday of every month from 4 – 5 PM / GMT – a radio show by Sau Poler where he presents all kinds of old and new gems.

Tracklist 24.11.16
01. Iury Lech “Barreras”
02. Dwig “Endtitle”
03. Linda Perhacs “Sandy Toes”
04. John Martyn ” Don’t Want To Know”
05. Manual “Astoria”
06. Scan X “Blackmoon”
07. Riohv “Redux”
08. Different Fountains “Pool”
09. OdD Music “Original Sqiggle”
10. Sai “The Night Goes On”
11. Norken “Ride”
12. Routine “Untitled B2”
13. Slam “Cirklon Bells (Edit Select Remix)”