discovery blog / Discovery Blog 2016 Week #49

The Discovery Blog is a weekly updated selection of music findings by Atomnation curators Applescal, Guido, J.D. Heights and Will Oirson.

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Telefon Tel Aviv – Reak What (Archive ’99)
Label: Ghostly

Bill Converse – Ahead
Label: Texas Recordings Underground

Quince – Propheet
Label: Something Happening Somewhere

SBTH – Ribolla
Label: Lossless

Throwing Snow – Cosms
Label: Houndstooth

Burial – Young Death
Label: Hyperdub

L’Enfant – Adult Men
Label: Boogie Angst

Mattheis – Osi
Label: Nous’klaer

Knowsum – Touching After Midnight
Label: Money $ex Records

Forum – Yucatan
Label: Aiwo rec.