discovery blog / Discovery Blog 2016 Week #50

The Discovery Blog is a weekly updated selection of music findings by Atomnation curators Applescal, Guido, J.D. Heights and Will Oirson.

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Rising Sun – Oskar (Le Petit Prince Mix)
Label: Fauxpas Musik

Axefield – SNY
Label: Who’s Susan

Max Cooper – Organa
Label: Mesh

Supreems – Us Together
Label: Lobster Theremin

Jon Fay – 1271
Label: MÖRK010

Cubenx – SK01
Label: /

François Svalis – Unicorn
Label: /

Nightmares On Wax – Reclaim The Balcony
Label: Warp Records

Elmo Crumb – I’m Still Dizzy
Label: The Trilogy Tapes

Lawrence – Illuminated (Kettenkarussell Remix)
Label: Mule Musiq