podcasts / Atomnation Podcast #006 Koett

The Atomnation Podcast series is a monthly curated mix by friends and like minded artists of the label. Follow us on SoundCloud and Mixcloud for updates.

For our sixth podcast we’ve invited our Russian friend Koett. He contributed two amazing albums to the Atomnation discography and is one of the leading figures of Krasnodar’s electronic music scene.


The beginning
First influenced by the almighty Kraftwerk, Koett really got into music by his bigger brother. He would bring him recordings of party’s on cassette, which motivated Koett to search for ways to create his own music. Ableton and especially analog gear and old Soviet synthesizers made him even more enthusiastic about music production. From there on he started his career as an electronic music producer, as well as participating in side projects as Modul and Köt & Wellbeck.

Alexander Tochilkin (Koett’s real name) first released on Atomnation in November 2013. His ‘Lost Time’ single was an adventurous and Jazzy approach to the electronic field at the time. A month later Alex released his first full-length album ‘Golden Peak’ on the label. Tracks as ‘Blacksad’ and ‘Down’ became instant hits as Dummy Mag, Data Transmission, Truants Blog and many others praised it to the stars.

Releasing music
From that point on Koett has been putting out music on labels as Connaisseur Recordings, Sub Amp and Fuselab. Even his collaboration with long-time friend Wellbeck got revamped with a release on the Argentinean Loob Label, before returning to Atomnation in 2016.

This return didn’t come casually, as he once again came with a full-length LP of unearthly electronics. This time even darker and more vivacious as before. Especially ‘Slow Run’, ‘Night Furia’ and ‘A Walk In The Spring Rain’ were like candy for everyone liking the road in between house, techno and electronica.

Krasnodar, Russia
What most people don’t know is that Koett is one of the key figures behind XOXO, a boundary-pushing club in his hometown Krasnodar. This city is situated in a unique part of Russia, near the black sea towards Georgia. It has a small but very strong electronic music scene and is pioneering in its region. This podcast showcases the Krasnodar techno sound and is a limp of what the future will bring for our Russian friend and father of his newly born son. Congratulations Alex!