discovery blog / Discovery Blog 2017 Week #23

The Discovery Blog is a weekly updated selection of music findings by Atomnation curators Applescal, Guido, J.D. Heights and Will Oirson.

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Dauwd – Murmure
Label: Technicolour

Bonobo – Bambro Koyo Ganda (feat. Innov Gnawa)
Label: Ninja Tune

Cosime – Fyr (Maarten Mittendorff Auro Mix)
Label: Nous’klaer Audio

Gacha Bakradze – Through The Glass
Label: Transfigured Time

LOR & Vails – Lustral
Label: L’Enfant Terrible

Pablo Bolivar – Seconds of light (Simon Garcia poltergeist dub)
Label: Seven Villas

Future Sound of Antwerp – Volium
Label: DeeWee

Marvin & Guy – Superior Conjunction
Label: Life and Death

Sebastopol – Manethon
Label: Correspondant

Actress – Falling Rizlas
Label: Ninja Tune