podcasts / Atomnation Podcast #014 Sau Poler

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The 14th Atomnation podcast is curated by Sau Poler. A producer that does not need an introduction for people that have been following us from the beginning. With tracks such as Rutes, Reflections and Jaffe House in his discography, Pau’s first release was back in 2013 and ‘Memorabilia’ landed 2016. This years ‘Elsus’ single got featured on 50AN and like it’s not enough Pau released B-sides – a re-issue from his old side project ‘Pablie’. We wondered how things have been and what else he released this year. We caught up while listening to his mix.

Sau, how was your year?

I would like to define this year as a transition, I’ve taken some distance and perspective from my music to know where I want to go. So here I am, spending many hours locked in the studio rebuilding my sonic palette, shaping and adding character to my first LP. In terms of releases and gigs, it’s been a decent year.

What synths are you using right now in the studio?

I recently bought a Roland JD800 from the early 90’s which immediately became an essential piece of gear in the process of the creation of my LP. I got some other synths and plugins that I use quite a lot, like OP-1, ARP Odyssey, Octatrack or Spectrasonics Omnisphere (which is completely blowing my mind at this moment).

You released a couple of EP’s recently including Dribble and a collaboration with Pedro Vian. How came these about?

Dribble was basically a compilation of 3 club tools that I used to play only during my sets, after some shows, I realized that it maybe would be great to release them all in an EP.

The second EP with Pedro Vian felt special. This EP contains 4 tracks were we tried to find the right balance between light and shadow, between mind and body, between experimentation and melancholy. Something that we like to call “Mediterranean braindance”.

What are your plans for 2018?

The main goal is to finish and release my first LP. Besides that, I got some other stuff running, like a forthcoming 12” maxi that will be out in February on the reborn Nitsa Traxx label and I’m also planning another short EP or maxi.

You played India this year amongst some other places. How was India?

Really good, people are honestly amazing in India, they were so kind with me and very thankful to have me on board touring across the country. That’s what I felt the most, then there’s the other side, which is a radical cultural contrast with Europe and the Occidental world… I saw a lot of poverty on the streets, abandoned children, ruinism and decadence. Probably it’s more notable in the big cities where I stayed than the rural areas, but it makes you think about how unequal and unfair your life can be depending on the place where you’re born.



01 – Total Art Of Percussion – Wuhan Wuchang
02 – Kassem Mosse – Untitled
03 – Giraffe – Climate (Marco Shuttles Moody Samba Treatment)
04 – Bjorn Torske & Prins Thomas – Arpa (Drum Version)
05 – Luigi Ceccarelli – Ko-An
06 – Max Mohr – Spellbound
07 – Evigt Mörker – Magdalene Spell
08 –
09 – RAAM – 7 (Skudge Remix)
10 – Feral – Brahma
11 – Conceiled Project – Pattern 2
12 –
13 – Andrea Belfi – Roteano