podcasts / Atomnation Podcast #016 Portable Sunsets

The Atomnation Podcast series is a monthly curated mix by friends and like-minded artists of the label. Follow us on SoundCloud for updates and don’t forget to shuffle your way through our Releases on Spotify.

Portable Sunsets is the project of artist and electronic music producer Peter Segerstrom based in Brooklyn, US. He released the full-length albums ‘Bless’ and ‘Order‘ on Atomnation, an LP as ‘Surfing’ on 1080p and another Portable Sunsets LP on Deadelus’ Magical Property label.  Earlier this year our German friend Dave DK remixed two of Peter’s tracks, Believe and Straylight. Up next is this mix from Portable Sunsets and the 16th effort for our podcast series already. Enjoy!

Limerence -Yves Tumor
Chagrin River – Road Hog
q.e.p.d. – DJ Python
Sunday Avenue – DJ Boring
Rock Your Body – Ron Trent
WhereYouGonnaGo – Jitwam
Jamais Vu – Steve Huerta
Theme 03 – Frits Wentink
Rare Happiness – Hunee
M1 – Bambooman
Untitled – ??
Crimson – Ross from Friends
IF – Portable Sunsets
Sunlight – Nature Garage
Hey Drum – Daphni
Untitled – Portable Sunsets (Intern Edit)