podcasts / Atomnation Podcast #018 Polynation

The Atomnation Podcast series is a monthly curated mix by friends and like-minded artists of the label. Follow us on SoundCloud for updates and don’t forget to shuffle your way through our Releases on Spotify.

The 18th Atomnation podcast is from Polynation. They delivered a fantastic one-hour mix with various tracks by artists that inspired them over the years. We asked them to describe their podcast – a mix that features unreleased material as well:

“We created a podcast that contains quite a big range of our inspirations. Not only sticking to club/dance material but still …it’s presented in a way that gives a forward momentum. Our music is not straightforward club music as well – we like tracks that feel a little bit like a curveball. We tried to capture that diversity and blend this into a somewhat coherent story. Podcasts give you an opportunity to explore the space and to showcase a bigger contrast. This mix is a step into our musical universe.” 

Follow the duo on Spotify where you can find their Polyphonic playlist and the recently released Toba / Muriatic tracks.