news / Polynation ‘Cascade’ remix contest winner announcement

Out of over 400+ downloads, we eventually received 100 officially submitted remixes. We’d like to thank everyone for getting involved and hope you had fun working with the parts. Unfortunately, we were only able to pick three favorite remixes and one winner. A hard decision, with so many participants…

A big question we had to ask ourselves: What makes a remix, a winning remix? One of the first things we realized, is that the style of the production and the genre of the remix would not become a factor. We’ve received work in so many different styles – from ambient to drum & bass, and from synth-pop to techno – that we didn’t want the genre 
to influence our choice. Every remix and every style had the same chance.

But, what wás important for us? We asked ourselves:

How were the samples manipulated? Is the track a cool, cohesive piece? Is it catchy? Is it magic? Does it touch me on an emotional level? Is it different? In what way does it stand out from the original? Does it stand out at all? Are different sounds added in an interesting way? Or, is it just remixed in a subtle, minimalistic way instead? Do I want to listen to the remix again? How is it arranged? Is the remix interesting from beginning to end? And an equally important factor: how is the track mixed and produced?

We decided that the winning remix had to be an original, creative and cohesive take on the original, standing out from other submissions by hitting us in the right places emotionally, produced solidly with a quality mix. We all felt that fusus contained these qualities in the best possible way. The beat they created is a great organic sounding breakbeat and they manipulated original elements in an intriguing way, yet staying true to the original by adding some lovely acoustic layers and marimba to create a track with emotional impact. We would like to congratulate you guys with winning the contest!

Also: congratulations to Aōyama for winning 2nd place by creating a great sounding hypnotic version with amazing production value and details. The 3rd place is for the duo Pandhora, who turned Cascade into the most clubby version of our picks, with great dynamics, a lovely groove, and some magical guitar.

Here’s a playlist where you can listen back to all submitted remixes (private entries are not included). The top 10 / 20 / 30 tracks in this list feature remixes that we liked most and were really close. As we explained earlier – it was very hard to pick a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and we’ve heard many remixes and we heard many sounds we liked, so, thanks to everyone that came up with a great version! 




Stijn, Hessel & Pascal