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Applescal has a new album on the way


Pascal Terstappen is set to release his sixth studio album as Applescal, titled Diamond Skies. The nine-tracker is released on May 29 through his own label Atomnation.

Diamond Skies can be seen as the follow-up of 2013’s Dreaming In Key LP, the album that laid the foundation for the Atomnation universe that Terstappen has cultivated over the past eight years. This new album sounds lush, colorful and energetic. It features tracks that meander through ambient and melodic house genres, occasionally surprising the listener with a lost breakbeat.

The variety in melodies, soundscapes, and emotion clearly leaves enough room in the dreamworld of Applescal’s music. The album sounds free and brings back a certain mystery to dance music, which in today’s world can sometimes feel grey and designed for utility in big rooms. Applescal shows the very opposite on Diamond Skies, and exemplifies the vibrant, introspective Atomnation sound.

Diamond Skies was recorded in 2019 and early 2020. The last bits were finished in the early days of March, during disturbed times. We chose to announce the album as soon as possible as we felt it had to be released in the very now. To set an example for creative optimism. To come up with something to look forward to. To do what we always do.

Diamond Skies is out May 29th. 12″ release date: TBA.
Listen on Bandcamp.

01. Incognitana
02. Legobeats
03. Cymbals Rush
04. Copyshop
05. Jupiter Pong
06. Introland
07. Synthlove (_The Sky)
08. Fake Breaks
09. Airmiles

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Download our 2019 compilation at Bandcamp

atomnation 2019 artwork

Each December we release a compilation that reflects the current year and looks ahead to the next. It’s a mix of tracks where artists complement each other and where we feature some of their strongest work. It can be seen as a proud collection of tracks that defines the Atomnation sound.

2K19 features new work from Applescal, Milio, Mordisco and Sam Goku. Tunnelvisions, boys be kko, Coloray, Sky Civilian and Polynation complete the selection with songs that got released earlier this year on their respective albums / EP’s.

On behalf of our artists and team, we wish you all the best for the new year. A couple of great projects are in the planning which we can’t wait to share with you. Thanks for your support!

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Coloray releases “Real Life Cinema” in December

coloraydigi-IMG_6037 Suzanne Waijers

After cutting his teeth on both the Dutch and international DJ circuit, and nurturing his production skills as member of the Tunnelvisions duo, Raynor de Groot’s Coloray project translates an inwards desire to create and explore off the beaten path, and does so with a compelling ‘80s attitude.

Real Life Cinema is out Decebmer 6th.

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Polynation ‘Cascade’ remix contest winner announcement

Screenshot 2019-09-12 at 15.22.44

Out of over 400+ downloads, we eventually received 100 officially submitted remixes. We’d like to thank everyone for getting involved and hope you had fun working with the parts. Unfortunately, we were only able to pick three favorite remixes and one winner. A hard decision, with so many participants…

A big question we had to ask ourselves: What makes a remix, a winning remix? One of the first things we realized, is that the style of the production and the genre of the remix would not become a factor. We’ve received work in so many different styles – from ambient to drum & bass, and from synth-pop to techno – that we didn’t want the genre 
to influence our choice. Every remix and every style had the same chance.

But, what wás important for us? We asked ourselves:

How were the samples manipulated? Is the track a cool, cohesive piece? Is it catchy? Is it magic? Does it touch me on an emotional level? Is it different? In what way does it stand out from the original? Does it stand out at all? Are different sounds added in an interesting way? Or, is it just remixed in a subtle, minimalistic way instead? Do I want to listen to the remix again? How is it arranged? Is the remix interesting from beginning to end? And an equally important factor: how is the track mixed and produced?

We decided that the winning remix had to be an original, creative and cohesive take on the original, standing out from other submissions by hitting us in the right places emotionally, produced solidly with a quality mix. We all felt that fusus contained these qualities in the best possible way. The beat they created is a great organic sounding breakbeat and they manipulated original elements in an intriguing way, yet staying true to the original by adding some lovely acoustic layers and marimba to create a track with emotional impact. We would like to congratulate you guys with winning the contest!

Also: congratulations to Aōyama for winning 2nd place by creating a great sounding hypnotic version with amazing production value and details. The 3rd place is for the duo Pandhora, who turned Cascade into the most clubby version of our picks, with great dynamics, a lovely groove, and some magical guitar.

Here’s a playlist where you can listen back to all submitted remixes (private entries are not included). The top 10 / 20 / 30 tracks in this list feature remixes that we liked most and were really close. As we explained earlier – it was very hard to pick a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and we’ve heard many remixes and we heard many sounds we liked, so, thanks to everyone that came up with a great version! 




Stijn, Hessel & Pascal

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boys be kko to release new 12″ ‘Home Run Bat’

home run bat cover art square

Tokyo based producer boys be kko produced 3 beautiful emotive tracks for the follow up of his Big Boys Don’t Cry EP – a definite success story with support by the likes of Bonobo and Annie Mac, topped off with a massive remix from Gerd Janson.

Influenced by the disco, house and melodic-techno genres, boys be kko makes jams and sound designs on Japanese manufactured synths/machines, later perfected in uplifting arrangements with superb mixdowns. The tracks contain many layers, vocal chops and noises – unburdenedly handled with care. Home Run Bat is an EP that continues where Big Boy’s Don’t Cry left off, yet, it showcases another dimension in when it comes boys be kko’s diversity and sound palette.

The first track on the EP, Oreinspotting, stretches its run-time past 5 minutes and is carried by a vocal that gives a magical touch to the track – something you may have heard before in music from Traumprinz. The 2nd track, got type B, is the most uplifting song of the package with a long intro that builds to a synth-heavy climax and deep bass line. The b1 / EP title track Home Run Bat sounds like a hear-felt ride that shines in its arrangement, harmonies and sound effects.

Home Run Bat is out September 27th.

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REMIX COMPETITION: Polynation ‘Cascade’


It’s time to roll up your sleeves and create your very own remix of Polynation’s track “Cascade” – one of the most uplifting, layered and diverse songs from the bands’ debut LP, Igneous. At stake: an official Ableton live 10.1 Suite license, professional mastering, support on Atomnation socials, Bandcamp and SoundCloud, and a Korg Monologue synthesizer.

How it works: 

1. Download the remix parts and remix the track

2. Once ready, upload your remix of Cascade publicly on SoundCloud

3. Submit your version officially via email before the 9th of September >> How? Send an e-mail to with the name of your remix in the subject line. We’ll notify you once your submission is received. Ah! …don’t forget to include a link to your track!

Submission deadline: 

September 9th, 23.59 CEST, 2019

Winner announcements: 

September 12th, 2019 (via Atomnation Facebook)

What’s in it for the winners: 

Our favorite 3 remixes are mastered by a professional mastering engineer and uploaded to the Atomnation Bandcamp & Soundcloud. Besides, for the winners, there are 3 prizes to choose from:

Option 1: An official Ableton live 10.1 license (599 euro) + vinyl copy of Igneous
Option 2: 
A Korg Monologue (244 euro) + vinyl copy of Igneous
Option 3: A vinyl copy of Igneous

The winner picks his/her favorite option first. Then nr 2, then nr 3…

remix polynation options winners
Judging process:

Stijn Hosman and Hessel Stuut from Polynation decide together with Pascal Terstappen from Atomnation what remixes are their favorites. They choose the winner(s), democratically. Every submitted remix gets heard. No favors. Dare to be different. Stand out!

Disclaimer / FAQ: 

All rights of “Polynation – Cascade” and its remixes belong to the band Polynation and to the record label Atomnation. Remixers and 3rd parties are not permitted to sell, release or self-release remixes, as also, sell, release or self-release original material that contains samples of this remix package. Remixers and 3rd parties are not allowed to upload remixes to any other (music) platform/service then SoundCloud, Facebook or Instagram. Free downloads on SoundCloud are permitted. Once the competition is closed and winners are announced, we’ll remove the remix files from Bandcamp and no longer listen to newly submitted tracks. In case the label decides to officially release a remix from this competition to other music platforms then Bandcamp and SoundCloud, the remixer will be compensated with an industry-standard percentage of the sales from their remix. By downloading the remix files, you’ve agreed to these terms., 2019 – All Rights Reserved –

remix competition