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Stuut’s New EP Is Coming December 16th


Olaf Stuut returns to Atomnation December 16 with a stunning new EP, titled ‘ET’. This four-tracker is the follow up of the closing track ‘Extended Travels’, one of the highlights of his album ‘Run’ released earlier this year.

“Since Run came out I wanted to focus a little bit more on club tracks because of all the beautiful gigs I’ve had since the release, searching for more joy and fun to accompany the events I play. Every track has more of a story on it’s own instead of an overriding arch covering a whole LP. I started this EP with a follow up on the closing track of my album, Extended Travels, which is almost unrecognisable a part from the melodies. All tracks are based on jams I did during the tour.”

The prolific Amsterdam based producer manages to combine the more abstract sides of electronic music with a well-tuned club orientated character. ‘ET’ houses solid beats on ‘Evolve Tutor’ and ‘Era Terminal’, astonishing piano play on ‘Extended Travels (ExcursionTwo)’ and a more minimalistic approach on ‘Error Texture’.

Already remixing artists like The Acid, Max Cooper and Tonik Ensemble, this new EP is set to be another pin on Stuut’s shoulder. Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul, Paris, Barcelona and London already had the joy to catch one of his live and DJ-sets. There’s no telling where ‘ET’ will bring him next.

Pre-orders are up at Bandcamp now.


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Atomnation Label Night at De Marktkantine


Friday December 2 we’re back at De Marktkantine with a full-fledged label night. For this event mainstays Sau Poler, Polynation, Olaf Stuut & Applescal are on the bill. Sau Poler is coming over from Barcelona to play one of his beloved house / disco influenced DJ sets. Polynation & Olaf Stuut perform their ever spectacular live sets and Applescal will do what he does best: closing the night.

Line up: Applescal, Sau Poler, Polynation (live) & Olaf Stuut (live).

Info & Tickets:

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#ADE16 Round Up


Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 gave us the chance to meet up with friends and colleagues from around the globe. We visited shows by label artists Gidge, Applescal, Sau Poler, Polynation, Olaf Stuut, Fran Seven, Pablie and Hessel Stuut. Great to see all of you again!

We also like to thank NGHTDVSN for hosting our label night at Het Sieraad. With legends Max Cooper, Extrawelt, Stephan Bodzin and Kiasmos in the other room we couldn’t ask for a better partner.

A report with photos and video’s can be found on our Instagram account. There’s also a recording of Fran Seven’s appearance at Het Sieraad.

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David Douglas’ New Single “Lucine”


‘Lucine’ is the brand new single from Dutch producer/artist/video director David Douglas. Following the release of his critically acclaimed debut ‘Moon Observations,’ ‘Lucine’ is a journey through sun-kissed disco and gentle electronic pop, subtly playing with psychedelic and experimental elements and weaving organic textures alongside more robotic landscapes. 2014’s ‘Moon Observations’ was inspired by a different star-gazer with the same name. That David Douglas was a 18th century explorer and naturalist, whose writings on astronomical observation has inspired the more modern Douglas’ latest music. Those eleven tracks of beautifully fleshed-out electronica were certainly a worthy tribute, and ‘Lucine’ continues the story in blissful fashion.

David Douglas is without doubt one of the most expressive and all-emcompassing creators around. Having previously working as an esteemed video director, he switched his focus to music, and both his 2012 ‘Royal Horticultural Society’ EP and his debut album ‘Moon Observations’ were warmly received, garnering praise from the likes of Pitchfork, i-D Mag, Electronic Beats, THUMP and XLR8R. David’s live sets are known for the substantial amount of gear he has in tow, including a Space Echo that is essential for his signature sound. His shows at PITCH Festival, Best Kept Secret and Into The Woods inspired the penning of his second full album, set to drop early next year via Atomnation. More details to come soon.

David Douglas – ‘Lucine’ is available here.



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Lulin Nominated For ‘Best Nordic Short Film’ Award


Our beloved Gidge produced the soundtrack of “Lulin”, a film made in collaboration with Nordic friends Lampray. Lulin is now nominated for The Best Nordic Short Film Award. The prize-winning film will qualify for consideration in the Short Film Category of the Annual Academy Awards (wow).

Plot: A man sees something he cannot explain at the edge of the woods surrounding his cabin. Is he crazy if he accepts that he saw something supernatural or is he crazy if he denies it? A slow-paced thriller dealing with the basic human fear of experiencing the inexplicable.

More info here.


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Sau Poler’s Visions Fugitives at Bloop.


Catch Visions Fugitives at Bloop the 4th Thursday of every month from 4 – 5 PM / GMT – a radio show by Sau Poler where he presents all kinds of old and new gems.

Tracklist 24.11.16
01. Iury Lech “Barreras”
02. Dwig “Endtitle”
03. Linda Perhacs “Sandy Toes”
04. John Martyn ” Don’t Want To Know”
05. Manual “Astoria”
06. Scan X “Blackmoon”
07. Riohv “Redux”
08. Different Fountains “Pool”
09. OdD Music “Original Sqiggle”
10. Sai “The Night Goes On”
11. Norken “Ride”
12. Routine “Untitled B2”
13. Slam “Cirklon Bells (Edit Select Remix)”


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KROOKS Offcast By Polynation


Polynation created a one hour mix for KROOKS with all the music and genres that inspired them:

“The tracks all have electronic characteristics with an organic feel. And although the first couple of tracks have a lot of energy because of the drumbeats, they’re also sort of meditative: a warm sound with a crossover between acoustic and electronic. Because of the organic sounds, you sometimes don’t even hear whether it’s a synth or an actual instrument. The last three tracks are drenched in melancholic beauty and vulnerability, something we’re looking for in our own productions as well: rhythmic percussion combined with melancholy.”

Read the Polynation interview about this mix in full at KROOKS.