Tunnelvisions - End Of Time
End Of Time - Tunnelvisions vinyl
Tunnelvisions Vinyl - 12" vinyl by Remco van Dun
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Tunnelvisions - End Of Time - 12" vinyl

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Tunnelvisions "End Of Time"

140gr 12" vinyl, full-color sleeve w/ center hole 
*including free digital download

a1. Acid Neverland
a2. King Cobra
a3. Mirrored Identities
b1. Waiting For The Morning
b2. Private XS
b3. End Of Time


Tunnelvisions return to their home label Atomnation for a fourth fantastic release in the last three years. This six track excursion builds on the pair's warm, richly melodic and always hypnotic style with fantastically colourful results. 

Tunnelvisions is Emiel van den Dungen and Raynor de Groot. Both artists keep busy with their own solo projects (Milio and Coloray respectively) but continue to find fascinating middle ground when they come together in the studio. 2020 saw them step out on Moscoman's Disco Halal and Solomun's Diynamic, while they have also been remixed to great effect with influential DJs like Dixon and Tale Of Us playing the results. Now, though, they are back on Atomnation with another superb collection of cuts with artwork from Intercept designer Remco van Dun.

The undulating 'Acid Neverland' opens up with its succulent and supple drums overlaid with heavenly chords and glowing pads. Coloray's vocals are then layered in to bring some drive and attitude to this most compelling of tracks. 'King Cobra' is a dubby delight. Its airy hi hats, bulbous bass notes and tripped out melodic motifs all sinking you into a trance.

There is more angst and energy to the malfunctioning melodies and steel-plated drums of 'Mirrored Identities' while 'Waiting For The Morning' is a perfect dreamscape. It's a super widescreen track with deft pads coming in and out of focus, glistening melodies reflecting light and pulsing drums locking you in. 'Private XS' flips the vibe with more drawn out and sinewy synths gurgling and bubbling away as they ride up and down the scale like a slow motion cosmic explosion. Last but not least, 'End of Time' has the most pop hooks and catchy riffs of the lot. They dart about the mix as smeared pads and crunchy, punchy drums encourage you to cut loose.

This is another masterfully cohesive collection of colourful dance floor cuts that take in pop, techno and synth music and skew them the unique lens of Tunnelvisions.

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