AnimalZOO All Together


Instead of pigeonholing this short but sweet EP into one specific genre, AnimalZOO roams free, exploring different ways of pushing together layers of sound that might seem contradictory at first, yet when given a little time and viewed from afar, make perfect sense in the end.” by Beard Rock

Artist: AnimalZOO
Title: All Together
Artwork: Lanny May
Releasedate: 13 August 2012
Catalogue Nr: ATM003

Stream/purchase: digital

AnimalZOO is a side project of one of our favourite dance hippies, Lanny May. Lanny has been working on some interesting things throughout his musical career. He releases music as Lanny May, is running his own Maripoza label, recently released an album with his band The Hypnotic Lights and makes name as a DJ. Today, he drops an EP as AnimalZOO with us.

‘All Together’ is an adventurous, handcrafted EP that’s crossing many electronic genres. All tracks have a specific Lanny May sound, although this release seems more daring, experimental, or just showing his versatility as a producer. All tracks and the EP as a whole tell a story. Is it about the love for music, girls, or just about stuff like you and me being together and having a good time. Together with the release comes a jazzy Applescal remix of the track ‘Flower Setup’.