Applescal Dreaming In Key


“The new LP finds Applescal exploring the energy between the grinding momentum of big-room dancefloor beats and the grogginess of soft, fuzzy keys and delicately textured synths.” Xlr8r Bubblin' Up, Artists To Watch for 2013:

Artist: Applescal
Title: Dreaming In Key
Artwork: Fedde Dijkstra
Releasedate: 5 February 2013
Catalogue Nr: ATM007

Stream/purchase: digital

Electronica producer Applescal is back with a new album, titled “Dreaming in Key”. The record comes out February 5th, right here, on Atomnation.

Dreaming In Key comprises eleven tracks that float between the space of electronica and techno, taking in a hint of breaks and including glorious harmonies, which you rarely hear in modern dance music. The tracks are colourful and dreamy in their own way, and work perfectly as dance floor anthems or headphone classics.

Guest appearances come from fellow Atomnation artist David Douglas, Lanny May and Piana.