Atomnation 2016 Compilation


“In order to raise awareness and help civilians in Syria / other conflict zones, we decided in conversation with our artists that all revenue of the yearly Atomnation compilation will be donated to the Red Cross.”

Artists: Polynation, Marlon Penn, David Douglas, Sau Poler, Axefield, Applescal, Portable Sunsets, Olde Gods, Koett, Fran Seven, Olaf Stuut, Gidge, Tonik Ensemble, Weval

 2016 Compilation
Artwork: Hessel Stuut
Releasedate: 27 Dec 2016
Catalogue Nr: ATM2016

Stream/purchase: digital

For us, 2016 was a good year that we’re grateful for. However, this year also seemed to be one of the most disturbing ones in living memory. Topics such as war, discrimination, mass migration and terror are dominating the news and we’re not even aware of many other terrible events. People are murdered on the streets and have been forced from their homes. There’s hunger, thirst and poverty. We have the feeling things have to change more than ever.

We decided, because of reasons above mentioned and in conversation with our artists / team, that all revenue of our yearly Atomnation Compilation will be donated to the Red Cross. The Red Cross is a charity that helps people in conflict zones – they protect civilians by providing food, life-saving support and addressing matters of sexual assault. The main reason why we support the Red Cross is because they act independently, at places that need it the most and without excluding anyone.

We realise that our effort is only a small step towards what should happen to make the world a liveable place. It’s actually kind of scary that it seems almost impossible to make a difference as an individual in this case. But this cannot be used as an argument to do nothing. It’s time to stop saying ‘hey, this sucks’ and going back to everyday routines. We must do more.

That being said, there is also good in this world and we shouldn’t forget that. In an era where it’s so easy to connect and share, please act unified and be a voice for peace and equality. 

We wish you the best for 2017. May it be a year with inspiration and progress for everyone. 

Atomnation – on behalf of artists and team

More info about the Red Cross

Donate to the Red Cross directly

Atomnation 2016 compilation