Coloray Real Life Cinema

Real life cinema - digital artwork-01 FINAL

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A dance floor effective tapestry from raw layers of vocally propelled new wave, post-punk and synth pop. As the newly-founded project by Tilburg-based DJ, producer and graphic designer, Raynor de Groot, Coloray infuses powerful, unpolished sound aesthetics with relentless energy. After cutting his teeth on both the Dutch and international DJ circuit, and nurturing his production skills as member of the Tunnelvisions duo, the project translates an inwards desire to create and explore off the beaten path, and does so with a compelling ‘80s attitude.

This strong backbone in musical undertaking, together with his background in songwriting and vocal work, transmits a unique sound that drifts somewhere between the hazy lines of contemporary electronics and early EBM. A place where dark and vigorous vocal arrangements take centerpiece, alongside driving bass lines. His debut single on Intercept – the record label Coloray spearheads – as well as his track together with Eagles & Butterflies on Art Imitating Life, swiftly became the soundtrack of dance floors throughout Europe and beyond.

‘Real Life Cinema’, Coloray’s six track solo debut EP on Atomnation, contains a comprehensive body of work that demonstrates a unique assembly of past and present. The thundering hemispheres of ‘Stand Up Straight’, ‘Arrest Me’ and ‘In Your Mind’, on which howling synth constructions firmly resonate through dense clouds of pounding bass, instantly urge attention. Soaring vocal layers, together with glistening build ups, quickly take the centerpiece and emphasize Coloray’s impressive capabilities as a singer.

On ’Timeline’, wobbly guitar-like chords take the lead, before new wave synth stylings, punk vocals, and ethereal melodies take hold, followed by the darker ‘Champion, Victor’. Title track ‘Real Life Cinema’ moves around an uplifting setting with vaporous guitar riff layers, bringing the EP to an elevating conclusion.