Gidge Autumn Bells


”Largely influenced by their scenic Nordic home, the duo have delivered an extremely musical and emotional album with an endless blend of swirling melodies, serene soundscapes, and the type of instrumentation that’s reminiscent of tones and textures one would encounter while wandering through a lush green forest.” – David Garber, Thump

Artist: Gidge
Title: Autumn Bells
Artwork: Vilma Larsson
Releasedate: 23 September 2014
Catalogue Nr: ATM023

Stream/purchase: vinyl, digital

Swedish duo Gidge (consisting of Ludvig Stolterman and Jonatan Nilsson) released their debut album, Autumn Bells, on the 23rd of September – the first day of Autumn – via Atomnation. Gidge gained a slew of praise for their recent singles ‘You’, ‘I Fell In Love’ and ‘Norrland’, with ‘I Fell In Love’ and ‘Norrland’ amassing over 100.000 listens in a short space of time.

Largely influenced by their Nordic surroundings, the duo deliver a very detailed and emotive album with floating melodies, serene soundscapes, forest-recorded percussions and meditative pitched vocals – always building towards demure climaxes and long breaks, mimicking their natural surroundings perfectly. The beautifully stark piano keys blend with atmospheric sounds and consistent sub-bass-tones, making ‘Autumn Bells’ a very uplifting & luminous offering. The complex network of somber and enlightening feelings that the tracks evoke on ‘Autumn Bells’ give the record a unique and organic sound. Some tracks contain over 100 channels, just to give you an impression how divided & detailed, the tracks on ‘Autumn Bells’ are.