Koett Lost Time


“The original track is a jazzy, sun-soaked affair rife with fluttering flutes and cinematic strings, and has an almost romantic, archival feeling as it skirts along with distorted guitar strokes and ride cymbals” By XLR8R

Artists: Koett, Monokle, Sau Poler
Title: Lost Time
Artwork: Alex Collages
Releasedate: 24 September 2013
Catalogue Nr: ATM012

Stream/purchase: digital

Some of the most pleasing and important work done in the Russian electronica scene over the last few years came from Krasnodar, located in the nation’s (sunny) south. A key player in that scene has been Alexander Tochilkin, who’s been part of Fuselab, one of Russia’s finest labels. Tochilikin has moved through a number of ensembles as well since 2005, including Feldmaus, Modul and Wols.

Since 2013, Tochilkin is releasing music for his new solo project: Koett. This new project is best described as jazzy, cinematic, acoustic yet very analog and electronic. It is actually very house influenced as well, but not in a way it is done before. We’d like to say Koett sounds as surreal as the artwork looks, created by Alex Coll.

“Lost Time” is the single of Koett’s forthcoming album “Golden Peak”, which is scheduled to release in November. A fantastic full length album filled with music of Tochilkin’s surrealistic style. But first the single. For this one we have remixes by Sint Petersburg based Monokle and by our man Sau Poler, who released his debut EP earlier this year with us.