Olaf Stuut Siren


‘With the rhythmic stutters, linear progression, and textured field recordings interspersed throughout, Olaf Stuut‘s Siren EP is subtly reminiscent of Valentin Stip. Both of these producers have an affinity for producing tracks that can be enjoyed while moving your feet or splaying out on your couch..”
By Low-Life

Artists: Olaf Stuut, Hessel Stuut, Dauwd
Title: Siren EP
Artwork: Hessel Stuut
Releasedate: 22 October 2013
Catalogue Nr: ATM013

vinyl, digital

Vibe and emotion through sound, which carry the observer through a beautiful and dreamy trip, defines the music of Olaf Stuut. With his music he gives the listener a choice, to either dance on it, or stretch out on the couch to take a musical journey. Olaf Stuut is a musician who will always tell a story within his compositions, with strong vibes, grooves, catchy harmonies and sounds. His ‘Siren EP‘ is the proof.

The 12″ and digital are available in the Atomnation store. The 12inches ship the 22nd of October. On board we have a remix by Dauwd. He transformed the title track of the EP into something very different but delicious.