Olde Gods Gitanes

ATM054_Olde Gods - Gitanes (Artwork)

Gitanes is Olde Gods’ new EP and longest output to date. Following a series of singles on the Minor Planets label, the Barcelona duo are up to a 12” four-tracker on Amsterdams’ Atomnation. Gitanes brings echoes from Spains’ not-long gone golden club era. Its cover depicts an abandoned club from the 90’s in a coastal town in the Mediterranean, could be anywhere from Valencia to Barcelona.

All four tracks are trippy yet solid-grounded, spacey voices and strings leads all flying up and magically suspended over gross rhythmical foundations. Dear CZ, a fetiche track, built around a moody Casio CZ synth stab, topped up with acid videogame-like craziness. Gitanes brings entrancing vocals intertwined with more CZ pad action. All Around is a foggy and paranoid late-night drive, and None of these Bitches, a homesick folks’ walk around Tokyo’s Daikanyama area.

Olde Gods are JMII and Guillamino.

Artist: Olde Gods
Release date: March 9th 2018
Cat nr: ATM054