Pablie B Sides


“The mellow Rhodes piano notes on “They Came From Past” create an organic warmth that evokes a nostalgic sentiment and feeling of emotional desire. This comes as no surprise considering the entire LP is inspired by past memories of Pablie’s time spent in the magnificent natural surroundings of Llançà and Cadaqués.”

Artist: Pablie
Title: B Sides
Artwork: Pau Soler / Mark Visbeek
Releasedate: 16 Oct 2015
Catalogue Nr: ATM031

Stream/purchase: vinyl, digital

Our 31’st release, entitled “B Sides“, is produced by Spanish musician Pablie. “B Sides” is a carefully-curated compilation of 9-tracks produced between 2007 and 2009. Though it’s only now that this collection of songs is being given an official release.

“B Sides” brings together an overflow of instrumental soundscapes and sonic sketches that will please your ears from beginning to end. Best served on a late summer’s night or when you just want to unwind with a good glass of wine, “B Sides” is an instrumental hip-hop, downtempo and jazz-inflected record – a bit different maybe for the people that ar familiar with our output.

Pablie’s “B Sides” is a one time musical project of Sau Poler. Although a very accomplished debut release, Pablie will not return with a new record after this “B sides”. Pre-orders of the 12″ Vinyl are up now in the Atomnation Store.