Polynation Why You (The Remixes)


Dutch production pairing Polynation have gradually allowed their music to seep out across the past 12 months. Uniquely chilled out and at times near ambient, the glistening surface of their music is allied to a real emotional kick. by Clash

Artist: Polynation, Vessels, Love over Entropy, Oaktree
Title: Why You
Artwork: Hessel Stuut
Releasedate: 07 Sept 2015
Catalogue Nr: ATM030

Stream/purchase: digital

Stijn Hosman and Hessel Stuut are the minds behind the exciting new live/electronica act Polynation. Based in Amsterdam, the guys are fusing moods of drums and analog basses with techno, ambient and world music. Beside a hand full of strong productions shared on upcoming debut EP “Allogamy”, Polynation is foremost an energetic live-act. With their set up, consisting of acoustic drums and lots of analog gear, they try to create a musical conversation based on interaction with the crowd and improvisation via their live-approach.