Portable Sunsets Bless


“A patiently piano-streaked outing, “Sisters” seems a suitable introduction to the producer’s forthcoming effort, which is said to spend equal time exploring pillowy ambient territory as it does trading in the kind of heady, subtly evolving club music on display here.” by XLR8R

Artist: Portable Sunsets
Title: Bless
Releasedate: 17 March 2015
Catalogue Nr: ATM027

Stream/purchase: digital

Brooklyn based Peter Segerstrom prepped a new album, entitled “Bless“. It’s his second full length as Portable Sunsets – first LP “Mercy” came out in 2012 on Magical Properties, Deadelus’ label. Now, right after his Rental EP (Atomnation, 2014), “Bless” is scheduled to release March 17th this year. Portable Sunsets is a man with a history. As a MAX/MSP nerd he went to teach at Steim Amsterdam (an independent Dutch electronic music centre and nexus for live an innovative performance of electronic music) and helped set up the musical accompaniment for an art installation at festival Némo in Paris, amongst many other projects.

New album “Bless” is an 11-track record produced in a NYC winter. Floating somewhere between crystal sharp warehouse techno and ancient blurry faded love songs, Portable Sunsets album could be a technological visionquest sound track. Basically, he makes ambient music with club-ready drums on top. He has seemingly soaked up the sunset hip-hop vibes of his birth town (California) and combined that aesthetic with an European techno vibe or even more, the “lo-fi tape experimental house” style represented by labels such as Opal Tapes and L.I.E.S.

Though very much representing a unique style and lots of music technology in his productions, Peter often uses his own voice in his productions – programmed through self created synths in MAX/MSP till the vocal texture becomes more a synth or pad or soundscape. Tracks like “Straylight” and “rm –R” are nice examples of this. “rm –R” could easily be one of the soundtracks created for the “Her” film by Arcade Fire. While tracks like “Pearl”, “Ledges” and “Crosby” are more up-tempo songs with a driving beat and diversity in the synth lines. As a whole, the album tells a story. The combination between ambient interludes, techno, pads and vocals this is a perfect record to dream away on at home, in a car or on your headphones.