Portable Sunsets Rental


''All things said, this EP is an experimental slice of light house/techno music that takes in a lot of influences and renders them into a fulfilling whole. The moods he evokes change from track to track, giving the whole EP a feeling of wholeness as a wide range of human emotions have be catered to on this record.'' by Data Transmission

Artist: Portable Sunsets
Title: Rental
Artwork: Portable Sunsets
Releasedate: 6 May 2014
Catalogue Nr: ATM019

Stream/purchase: digital

Following on from David Douglas’ “Higher” and the recent “The Spaces In Between” compilation, Atomnation returns with a new EP from Portable Sunsets. Entitled “Rental” the EP by the Brooklyn based producer / live performer / MAX/MSP pro features 5 impeccable cuts exploring abstract techno, electronica and everything that is good about modern sounds in general. “It’s all new material with a couple tracks that relate to the full length called Bless that will be released later this year.”

Combining a warehouse ready techno aesthetic with effecting melodies and an extremely varied analogue sounding sound palette, Portable Sunsets (who’s real name is Peter Segerstrom) delivers an EP that is as impressive in its variety as it is its singular scope of vision. His music features all manners of organic instruments, from jazzy Rhodes vamps, piano licks and lush strings alongside electrifying synth arpeggios, pads and both sampled and synthesized drums.

Peter about Rental: “I think this release is a really fitting continuation of my first full length Mercy that came out on Magical Properties in 2012. It’s a strange mixture of newer uptempo house written in downtown Brooklyn and some more experimental sketches made in the foothills of Sonora in California last fall.”