Sam Goku Tanggu EP

Tanggu EP cover art

“Many of my former releases were quite melodic and (not even intentionally) rather made for home- and headphone listening. Actually, nearly all my releases since I started producing in 2014 always had that “melodic” approach. The realization came when I was playing in nightclubs and sometimes hesitated to play my own productions because I felt that they would inhibit the flow. At the same time, I was inspired by several nightclub attendances and by the energy I felt there. To attain this energy, I tried to work with far eastern drums and percussions. Additionally, I tried to create a dense and flowing atmosphere. Especially for Tanggu I & II, the drums and the atmospheric pads have been the leitmotif. I feel that the whole EP progresses deeper into that dense club vibe with every track.”

Sam Goku – Tanggu EP