Sau Poler Bercy


“Bercy” squeezes exotica, layered vocals and otherworldly chord shapes into the proverbial mixer resulting in a bout of hang-loose house. The main track also comes packaged with reworkings by xxxy and Project Mooncircle producer My Panda Shall Fly. by Boiler Room

Artist: Sau Poler
Title: Bercy
Artwork: Marc Miro
Releasedate: 08 June 2015
Catalogue Nr: ATM029

Stream/purchase: digital

Spanish producer Sau Poler is set to release his new maxi-single “Bercy” on June 8th. As always, Sau Poler delivers a unique vision in music production, exploring a musical realm that would please the ears of fans of Four Tet and Gold Panda. “Bercy” sounds exotic, electronic, sophisticated and intelligently arranged. Layered vocals and otherworldly chords shape the single into a laid-back house track, while carefully placed off-kilter percussion allow ‘Bercy’ to transcend more progressive and genre-less sonic terrains. “Bercy” comes packaged with reworks by Berlin artist Xxxy and Project Mooncircle producer My Panda Shall Fly.