Sau Poler Memorabilia


One of Spain’s most notable up-and-comers and a frequent contributor to our downloads section, Barcelona-based producer Sau Poler is set to release his next EP titled Memorabilia. by XLR8R

Artist: Sau Poler
Title: Memorabilia
Artwork: Palma Llopis / Marc Miro
Releasedate: 29 Aril 2016
Catalogue Nr: ATM038

vinyl, digital

Sau Poler finished a new EP. Titled “Memorabilia“, the Catalan producer offers 5 tracks with his typical crossover house / electronica / disco sound. The best moments on Memorabilia come when Poler leans towards his iconic mix of classic instrumentation by his Fender Rhodes and arpeggiator synth lines of his Arp Odyssey.

“Memorabilia” is like a link between past and present”, Poler explains. “The result of this project is a transition that remains back and forth during the creation of it. Unintentionally, I’ve been influenced by what I’ve done with my old project Pablie and for the nowadays electronic incursions that Sau Poler is taking me on. I’ve started to experiment more and more with electronic sounds, and feeling really excited about that. It’s the reason I’ve decided to invest in new equipment, aiming to work on longer song structures that can lay on different spots during the track length. “Jaffe House”, “Esperits” or “Gone” are a good example of that.” by XLR8R

Sau Poler is one of the artists of the Golden Age of Spanish producers and could easily be mentioned among a new generation of artists such as Pional, John Talabot and Marc PiƱol. The Badalona-born musician toured Amsterdam, New York, Barcelona, Montreal, Paris, Berlin and Calgary in 2015. Boiler Room invited him to play at the Generator show in Barcelona, he remixed Touch Sensitive for the Australian label Future Classic and also Sonar Copenhagen & Transmusicales invited him to play his live set.