Sky Civilian The Ocean Floor

The Ocean Floor artwork

Sky Civilian is an American musician, raised in a small town in Mississippi and currently located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 2019, she signed to Dutch label Atomnation, releasing debut EP Open Door and sophomore EP At the Seams. Her productions bridge many sonic worlds (pop, techno, house) but always land with an air of softness and warmth.

“The Ocean Floor” is a lively dance track in the float-house family. It features upbeat, chopped vocals and retro synth instrumentation. Admittedly, the lyrics are a bit sad, but only if you catch them: “the ocean floor — where do we go from here?” Inspired in equal parts by Project Pablo’s catchy, so-awkward-it’s-cool synth lead in “Closer” and Robert Eggers visionary horror film The Lighthouse, “The Ocean Floor” strikes a good balance between chillness and drama.