Tunnelvisions The Celestial Ritual

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The long awaited 2nd album from Tunnelvisions is out now! The album is chopped up into four 12-inch records – Ritual I, II, III, and IV. The album's theme tells of a story told long ago, in a land far away, where there lived 11 chiefs, each named after a corresponding constellation: Mbosa, Nalulu, Ottokar, Imaja, Khan, Kudja, Rafaka, Xoji, Oishi, Mosu and Umai. Each year as the trees lost their leaves and the days got shorter, the chiefs came together to perform a sacred ritual. In this ritual, they honored the gods with their gifts and celebrated the new year to come.

Artist: Tunnelvisions
Artwork: Merijn Hos
Release date: Nov 16th 2018