Weval Half Age EP


“The EP is a sturdy reflection of their jazz and hip hop reference points, with first shared cut Out Of The Game also displaying a knack for crafting a stirring vocal line.” by Dummy

Artist: Weval
Title: Half Age EP
Releasedate: 19 March 2013
Catalogue Nr: ATM008

Stream/purchase: vinyl, digital

Weval is a collaboration between two pals from the Netherlands – Harm Coolen (1986) and Merijn Scholte Albers (1989). Both Harm and Merijn have roots in the filming industry, which is also where they met in 2010. When they found out they were sharing the same love and ambition for creating electronic music they decided to team up as a producers duo. Merijns background is more triphop and rock orientated, Harm is influenced by jazz and house music. Because of their different backgrounds they blend the best of these genres together in their combined work.

The “Half Age EP”┬áis Weval’s debut release. Opening track “Out of The Game” has anthem like potential, combining hypnotizing vocals with a deep climax and a haunting vibe. The other tracks are no less impressive but gradually move more towards the dancefloor. Chopped-up minimalistic vocals, analogue sounds and ever evolving chord schemes are the key words that glue this EP together.