Yoshiba 87 Beaming Flowers From India


“The endless talents of Applescal take a new twist as he lines up a mini-album under the Yoshiba 87 alias. ‘Beaming Flowers From India’ is a collection of Applescal’s more downbeat and melodic productions.” by A Strangely Isolated Place

Artist: Yoshiba 87
Title: Beaming Flowers From India
Artwork: Fedde Dijkstra
Releasedate: 27 March 2012
Catalogue Nr: ATM001

Stream/purchase: digital

Xlr8r: “You’re the Best Thing Ever (feat. Pien Feith)’ sounds like anything other than forgotten leftovers; it’s purely evident in the track’s finely chopped, hand-warped vocal sounds and well-crafted soundscapes that Yoshiba 87’s forthcoming record will offer plenty of quality electronic sounds.”

BnB: “As a whole, the album is defined by its mesmerizing approach to melodics, while the intelligently built rhythm patterns further emphasize the incredible listening experience this album offers. Fans of The Black Dog, Plaid, Aphex Twin take notice: you can’t afford to miss this.” (9.0/10)