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Discovery Blog 2017 Week #06


The Discovery Blog is a weekly updated selection of music findings by Atomnation curators Applescal, Guido, J.D. Heights and Will Oirson.

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Superpitcher – Snow Blind
Label: Hippie Dance

Max Cooper – Distant Light (Rival Consoles Remix)
Label: Mesh

Deltawerk – Corridor
Label: Atomnation

MatHame – Alkahest
Label: Souvenir Music

Reels – Familiar Love

Baba Stiltz – XXX200003
Label: Studio Barnhus

Skymning – Valv
Label: Waves

Bolis Pupul – Wèi?
Label: Deewee

Hodge – Personality Shift
Label: No Corner

Talaboman – Loser’s Hymn
Label: R&S Records