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Discovery Blog 2017 Week #08


The Discovery Blog is a weekly updated selection of music findings by Atomnation curators Applescal, Guido, J.D. Heights and Will Oirson.

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Dark Sky – Kilter
Label: Monkeytown Records

Rubini – Zeus
Label: Degustibus Music

Weval – Ways To Go (Red Axes Remix)
Label: Kompakt

Krankbrother – Dreamscape (Fort Romeau Remix)
Label: Krankbrother

F3 – Symphony (Siopis Remix)
Label: Crossfrontier Audio

Talaboman – Safe Changes
Label: R&S Records

Vermont – Chanang
Label: Kompakt

SHDW & Obscure Shape – Die Weiße Rose (Tale of Us & Mind Against Version)
Label: From Another Mind

Deltawerk – Corridor (Marvin & Guy Mix)
Label: Atomnation

New Jackson – Electric Blue
Label: Cin Cin

Barnt – If She Says She Is A Healer, She Is A Healer
Label: Holger Records

Panthera Krause – Stonith
Label: Riotvan